Products and Services

The key area of activity of Reell Engineering is the end-to-end digital manufacturing technology Industry 4.0+ illustrated in the figure below.

Within the framework of Industry 4.0+, Reell Engineering performs digitalization, automation, and dispatching control at industrial facilities, implementing a full range of services, including inspection and audit, design and development, production, programming, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

One of the key activity is software development for end-to-end industrial digitalization, automation, and dispatching control for enterprise management systems of all levels in accordance with ISA95/ IEC 62264, ensuring deep mutual integration.

After development is completed, the customer is provided with the source codes of the software with the indication of the development tool.

Inspection, audit, and engineering design are carried out both for design documentation of individual automation cabinets and comprehensive automation and dispatching control of objects.

After the completion of these works, the customer receives a design/project documentation package sufficient for performance of installation. The documents are executed in English, German, or Russian.

They are presented in the electronic format (PDF). We mostly use Eplan CAD for development.

Using the project/design documentation, Reell Engineering produces power electrical equipment and control systems on the production site. The design documentation can be either provided by the customer or developed by Reell Engineering. The manufactured equipment is tested on a simulation bench. After its completion, a test report is issued.


Reell Engineering places high emphasis on servicing industrial equipment. To ensure high-quality maintenance service, we developed the Service-Mall platform that consolidates all operational documentation for the equipment and predicts its condition.

To protect the industrial infrastructure, Reell Engineering installs a specialized cybersecurity solution KICS by Kaspersky Lab that ensures stability and continuity of production processes.