SCADA Software Development

We develop software for production processes visualization, dispatching and remote control based on SCADA WinCC OA, WinCC V7 and WinCC Professional.

Software development is carried out by qualified software engineers certified by Siemens.

In the course of mnemonic diagrams development, Reell Engineering adheres to the principles of visibility and intuitive perception of images, creating both the screens for current use by workers and operators, as well as the screens with analytical information for company management.

The software solutions development is carried out using various architectures that are optimal for particular problems solving. For example, stand-alone system, client-server system, server redundancy system.

During the development process, particular attention is paid to the possibility of integrating SCADA with PLC and MES/MOM, ERP and BI higher-level control systems, and allow creating a single production data space based on SCADA WinCC OA