Service platform for industrial equipment

Reell Engineering is the developer of Service-Mall, a cloud service platform for industrial equipment.

Using this unified platform, operators, service organizations and manufacturers formalize, digitalize and automate routine and emergency service procedures, monitor and predict the state of equipment.

Service-Mall significantly expands the capabilities of service providers offering the following functions:

— quick identification of equipment on-site by scanning QR codes, barcodes or RFID tags;

— classification of equipment types and definition of data sets to describe equipment characteristics and documentation for use in work;

— quick access to the contact person providing maintenance service for the equipment;

— storage of up-to-date design and operational documentation (passports, instructions, diagrams, source codes, specifications, etc.) for each unit of equipment and providing quick access to these materials;

— description of protocols and address cards for equipment integration;

— data on the placement of equipment at the plant and/or its global geolocation;

— providing access to operating data and systems for predictive analysis of equipment state;

— simple transfer of equipment for service at authorized service centers;

— service support in the augmented reality mode.

External IT systems can obtain data and documents stored in Service-Mall via web-services.