Reell Engineering Company has developed production gateways for LMS, VTI and MCM for MES/MOM Siemens Simatic IT UA for assembly line applications in the automotive industry.

The gateway for the LMS (Line Management System) module provides collection of information about the state of conveyor lines and posts of the Andon production system, as well as the transfer of start and stop control commands to conveyor lines.

The VTI (Vehicle Tracking Image) service interface provides real-time traceability for each production order placed on the conveyor. This makes it possible for the MES operator terminal to display operations to be performed at each workplace for each specific vehicle produced.

Communication with the MCM (Main Component Management) service provides identification and verification of the installed components for compliance with every specific manufactured vehicle at each workplace and is displayed on the ITS operator panel.

The identification of the installed components is performed automatically using RFID technology and in manual mode using the Sick wireless industrial scanner with a Profinet interface.

In case of a successful component check the operator panel and the light column display a green permitting light, and in case of an erroneous component — a red prohibiting light, duplicated by an audible signal.

Waiting for identification Correct component Incorrect component

All 3 gateways are based on SCADA Siemens WinCC OA. At the same time, the OPC UA protocol is used to communicate continuously updated data, and the HTTP REST protocol is used for event-driven data exchange.

We invite you to use the Reell Engineering competencies in software and equipment integration within all levels of enterprise management systems according to ISA95/ IEC 62264.